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Stageventures is pleased to announce the immediate release of the new SV Premier 2015 Limited Partnership.

The SV Premier 2015 Limited Partnership (“SV Premier”) offers investors a chance to share in direct equity interests in live staged productions, exhibitions, feature films and other entertainment productions. These are not available to the general investor. The live staged shows will be in major venues around the world, many of them premiering in Las Vegas. Exhibitions will be long-term productions that will be installed in museums, science centres, and similar venues. The feature films are generally low-cost, direct-to-digital productions.

Only high quality shows that demonstrate the ability to potentially generate long-term profit will be produced.

Many of the SV Premier shows have been made available to StageVentures due to strong relationships established over the last twelve years of producing. Possible shows include “Realish Housewives”, a new stage show for Las Vegas; “Play Dead”, from Teller of “Penn & Teller”, opening in Las Vegas, and “Legends of Comedy” in Las Vegas. We expect to have several more to announce over the next few months.

SV Premier will be investing in a portfolio of shows thereby reducing risk and enhancing potential profits. There will be no cross—collateralization amongst shows thus ensuring full profit payout for each production. Expected returns could be significant.

StageVentures has produced Broadway, Off-Broadway, Touring and Museum shows since 2004 and is firmly established as leading co-producer of live theatre productions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offering is extremely limited in size and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Closings are scheduled to commence June 30, 2015 and will be terminated once fully subscribed.

If you are at all interested in taking part in this unique, limited investment please contact either your investment advisor or StageVentures as soon as possible. - 1200 Bay St, Suite 1201
Toronto, Canada, M5R 2A5 - (416) 640-6228 x212